[7] 1992 Bmw 325i At Weekly Gossip

2002: The terms “flame surfacing” and “Bangle butt” joined the automotive lexicon, one decade after U.S.-born Christopher Bangle became BMW’s design chief in 1992. The former term, which Bangle claims not to have coined, refers to the use of multiple compound curves in a fender or door panel. On Bangle’s watch, BMW’s fourth-generation 7-series, introduced for the 2002 model year, was burdened with two controversial features: one inside the cabin, one at the rear of the car. The first was iDrive, a console-mounted round knob serving as a mouse to control numerous car settings and infotainment functions. This well-intentioned attempt to cut down on the spread of knobs and buttons throughout the interior is accepted today, but iDrive required both acclimation time and design adjustments to earn customer approval. The second controversy centered on the seeming sculptural mismatch between the 7-series’ rear fenders and its decklid. Even though both Hyundai and Maybach had previously used similar styling cues, many self-appointed critics attacked Bangle and BMW mercilessly. Writing for Time magazine, Car and Driver contributor Dan Neil placed the 2002 7-series on his 50 Worst Cars of All Time list. That didn’t stop this BMW from outselling the three previous 7-series generations.

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