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If your car requires frequent topping off of its oil due to excessive oil consumption, you might have recourse from the automaker.

Take your car to your dealer, along with receipts for oil changes and oil purchased between oil-change intervals. Ask whether your car is eligible for repairs under any customer-satisfaction campaign or technical service bulletin.

Even then, the dealer may want to conduct an oil-consumption test before offering to perform repairs under warranty.

The test measures how much oil you consume over several weeks of driving. If your car’s oil consumption exceeds the manufacturer specifications and it’s still under its original powertrain warranty, Consumer Reports believes the dealer should repair or replace the engine free of charge. Some extended warranties will cover the problem. However, if your car is consuming oil, but at a rate less than the manufacturer guidelines state is excessive, you could be in for a legal battle.

If that is so, you may want to consult an attorney regarding lemon-law statutes. Also check to see whether your car is a part of an excessive oil consumption class-action suit already in progress.

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