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Every rider is different and every use case is different so when it comes to finding the perfect motorcycle jacket the goal isn’t trying to find the “best”, it is finding the “right” jacket for your needs. The bad news of course is that with all the options, styles, materials and so on available when shopping for jackets, it takes some real effort to find the right one. At webBikeworld we’ve been reviewing motorcycle jackets for over twenty years so we know a thing or two about getting it right. Read our reviews on the best leather, mesh, textile, adventure jackets and much more below.

Our review process for testing motorcycle jackets normally takes four to six weeks. We will wear a jacket on long rides and short rides (about 10 hours of riding). We are looking for ventilation, comfort and quality while riding. Back in our testing facility (our garage) we will inspect the construction, materials and abrasion resistance as well as look at things like zippers, pockets, vents and all the things that matter from a practicality standpoint.

In terms of types of jackets on the market these days there really are tons to choose from. Leather motorcycle jackets are the traditional choice and the sheer number of recent designs, colors and innovation in leather jackets means they are still the go to choice for most riders who are cruising on a bad boy bike.

I’d Rather Be A Rider for a Minute Than A Spectator for a LifetimeUnknown

From a safety perspective, leather jackets are typically thicker and have superior abrasion resistance to textiles. Textile jackets have advantages too, they are available in many more designs, colors and styles due to the versatility of textiles in manufacturing. Textile jackets are also better in terms of staying dry and well ventilated (important if you mainly ride in warm weather climates where a leather jacket can get hot quickly).

In short, you probably need different jackets for different occasions and uses. Unlike helmets we have found that most of our readers do indeed have multiple jackets, which is why researching the right jacket by diving into our reviews make sense. Don’t settle on a “do it all” jacket and instead find the right jacket for the right situation and consider buying more than one.

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